Steam summer sale 10 best pc game deals This is My Steam summer sale 2018 list

I played more than 500 pc games. There are too many games on steam and I have not played many games yet but I made a list of the games I like. Steam summer sale date started on 21 june and Steam summer sale 2018 will end on 4 july. Last year so Steam summer sale 2017 started on 22 june and finished on 5 july

My favorite lists for steam summer sale 2018

1.Fallout 4 15$

2.Tomb raider 3$

3.Witcher 3 20$

4.Gta 5 19.79$

5.Bioshock infinite 7.49$

6.Portal 2 2$

7.Batman: Arkham City 5$

8.Age of Empires III: Complete Collection 10$

9.Mount & blade 2.49$

10.Outlast 4$

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